11 March 2013


February was the most amazing month for good weather here in Scotland. We had day after day of bright sunshine, and I was even able to mow the lawn for the first time since last summer. I was so busy going out in the good weather that I had no time to write about it, so expect several blog posts in the next few days while I catch up.

But on the 13th we had a snowy day, so it was on with the skis and multiple layers of warm clothes and waterproofs while the snow fell steadily.

It was very sticky snow, lying thickly on the branches of the trees and forming lumps on the undersides of our skis whenever we stopped,

but fortunately someone had some magic teflon non-wax which prevented the problem, so we applied it liberally to our skis. (I must remember to remove it again before we have fresh snow, or I'll be hurtling down even the gentlest slopes at 90mph.)

Views were limited, but we caught a glimpse of the Kilpatrick Hills to the west.

Then home for some hot soup.

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