14 March 2013

Ben Venue

Ben Venue has appeared several times before on this blog, when I found the Ohprydium, and when the group I was with experienced a mountain rescue. Both of those were later in the year. Climbing it on 19th February meant that we came across some large snow patches, and the path was quite tricky in a few places as the snow had frozen like concrete and gave little grip.

Higher on the hill we had excellent views back in the direction in which we had come.

From the summit we could see Loch Achray to the east, with Loch Venachar beyond, and Ben Ledi to the north-east.

Soon after leaving the summit, we had views to Ben Lui, Ben Oss and Beinn Dhubchraig.

Here the path rose steeply and was covered with hard-packed snow, making it very treacherous. Fortunately we were able to find a way round it on soft grass, which was much less slippery.

The sun was getting low as we descended, with golden light on Stobinian to the north.

From the road at the bottom we had a good view of Ben Lomond in the setting sun.

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