08 January 2012

The Storm of 3rd January - Helensburgh

On Thursday afternoon we went to Helensburgh.

Although Helensburgh is in quite a sheltered location, wild seas had added to the storm damage.

Near the car park is a slipway, and the sea had hurled piles of seaweed and other debris up onto the road. The road along the front had been closed off while council workmen were clearing loose slates and pieces of roofing from the buildings.

Along the sea front, seats made of huge concrete blocks had been hurled about by the sea.

Part of the car park in Helensburgh is free. This is the free part. So this time we chose to pay!

The Storm of 3rd January

We've had three bad storms already this winter, but the last, on 3rd January, was the worst. In this picture, in the foreground you can see our fence, tied up since it blew down in one of the previous storms. To the left of the picture is a gap where next door's fence blew down, taking a piece of ours with it.

Our house is behind the trees on the left in the picture below, which shows three trees blown down along this woodland path.

Many fences were blown down, including this one which nearly took our nearest letter box with it.

A friend of ours lost this huge conifer to the gale. It has completely flattened the garage next door.

Yesterday we went for a walk in a local forest. Despite numerous fallen trees, we were able to complete our walk.

On Thursday we went to Balfron. This house had had its front blown off by the wind. Workmen were in the process of making it safe. The house opposite was also unsafe and would have to be partially demolished.