22 January 2013

An old railway line - 2

On Sunday we completed the walk we had started in November along an old railway line. Starting from the road by Gartmore Station, we took a look at the road bridge over the River Forth. To the left, the road also passes over the route of the old railway line.

Passing an old gun emplacement pillbox dating from World War II...

...the route continued along a tarmac path, which would normally have been unpleasant to walk on, but was fortunately covered in snow.

The path runs between the road and the river for the rest of the way to Aberfoyle.

Approaching Aberfoyle, we passed these old railway cottages, which can clearly be seen in an old photo of the line.

Shortly after, a small bridge crosses a stream. On either side of the bridge are the remains of the old railway bridge.

A signpost in the form of an old railway signal marks our arrival at the end of the path, approaching the site of the old Aberfoyle Station.

More pictures of this route can be seen at Railscot and Scotland's Places

Old map of the route

More information about pillboxes

21 January 2013

A Walk beside the canal

On Saturday we went for a short walk along the Forth and Clyde Canal. Although little snow was lying, the canal was frozen for most of its length.

We saw footprints in the snowy surface of the ice on the canal, leading a to a patch of water where it appeared that the animal had fallen in and swum for quite a distance before emerging and continuing over the ice. They were probably the tracks of an otter.

During the course of the morning we noticed increasing numbers of circular patches where the ice was melting. Each one was centered on a submerged plant, usually a waterlily leaf. Somehow these must have been causing just enough heat to melt the ice.

15 January 2013

A Beautiful day

On Thursday we went for a walk on the Lang Craigs above Overton, near Dumbarton. It was a beautiful misty day.