15 March 2013

Ben Lomond - part way

On 27th February there was thick mist, but the forecast said that it was to clear later. I love days like that, especially if I can catch that moment when the mist begins let the sunshine through. I wasn't feeling like a heavy day of walking but didn't know how high I would have to climb to get above the mist, so I decided to go part way up Ben Lomond. I wouldn't feel the need to go to the top, since I have done it many times before.

On the way there, blue sky was visible at the highest point on the road, and the mist was already beginning to clear by the time I reached Rowardenann, where the walk begins. In just a few minutes I was out of it and into bright sunshine. Ptarmigan - the west ridge of Ben Lomond - was just appearing when I left the trees.

Soon I had a view of the hills to the west.

Mist was still lying over the southern part of Loch Lomond.

By early afternoon, the islands were beginning to appear.

On the way down, Ptarmigan was no longer shrouded in mist.

The small island of Inchlonaig was also appearing.

Back at Rowardennan.

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