05 July 2009

Jumping jackdaw

This is the champion peanut-catching jackdaw! I took on the challenge today of trying to capture him/her in action. Not so easy, as I had to throw the peanut reasonably accurately with my left hand while trying to hold the camera steady with my right. Also the jackdaw had to catch the peanut, though this was the least problem since (s)he rarely misses unless my aim is terrible! The following sequence took several attempts before we got it right.

More about this jackdaw (I think it's the same one) on our blog.


canuck said...

we looked up a random page in the dictionary, found the word jackdaw, googled it and went to the last search result and, were happy to see these really great pictures!! are there jackdaws in canada? we had no idea what a jackdaw was until we saw these pictures.

Fred and Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like the pictures. Jackdaws are not resident in Canada but are occasionally found there.

You will find some more pictures of jackdaws on this blog if you go to

There is more information about jackdaws at

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