13 August 2008


As soon as I went outside this morning, Clonk!, the jackdaw arrived on the fence, waiting for his breakfast.

He (or is it she?) is the head of the jackdaw heirarchy and obviously regards me as lower in rank than him. He eats peanuts, currants (but not sultanas or raisins) or dried cat food. But he will reject any of these at any time by tossing them away with a flick of his beak. Otherwise, he'll catch them almost every time unless my aim is particularly bad.

He will approach to within about half a metre, but never any closer.

Here's a picture of him earlier in the year when the fairy foxglove was flowering on our drive.

We have other jackdaws that visit the garden and who have also learnt to catch food when it is thrown, but none seem to have quite as much personality.

For more information about the birds in our garden, please see our website.

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