12 July 2009

Ben Lawers

A few weeks ago I went for a hill-walk up Ben Lawers. That time I went to the summit, but yesterday I went back with a guide from the National Trust for Scotland to see some of the rare plants that grow on the hill. These included some that I had never seen before in Britain and which are found in very few other places. The following are some of the rarest. Their names are followed by the number of 10km squares in which they are found in the UK.

All the photos were taken on Ben Lawers.

Alpine Gentian - Gentiana nivalis (3)
This tiny gentian opens only when it is sunny, so we were very lucky to see it.

Mountain Sandwort - Minuartia rubella (5)

Alpine Forget-me-not - Myosotis alpestris (5)

Alpine Fleabane - Erigeron borealis (6)

Rock Speedwell - Veronica fruticans (16) - see pictures from another location

Net-leaved Willow - Salix reticulata (17)

Cyphel - Minuartia sedoides (41)
This photo was taken on my previous visit to Ben Lawers.

Alpine Mouse-ear - Cerastium alpinum (46) - see picture from Ben Lawers

Thyme-leaved speedwell - alpine form - Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusa (60)
This photo was taken on 14th July 2006.

Sibbaldia - Sibbaldia procumbens (82)

Scottish Asphodel - Tofieldia pusilla (106)
This photo was taken on 26th June 2007.

Holly-fern - Polystichum lonchitis (123)

Three-flowered Rush - Juncus triglumis (134)

Hoary Whitlowgrass - Draba incana (139)

Moss Campion - Silene acaulis (180) - see picture from Ben Lawers

Purple Saxifrage - Saxifraga oppositifolia (217) - not in flower now, but see pictures from another location.

Mountain Sorrel - Oxyria digyna (225)

Alpine Bistort - Persicaria vivipara (299)
This photo was taken on my previous visit to Ben Lawers.

Mossy saxifrage - Saxifraga hypnoides (315)

Least Willow - Salix herbacea (320).
Our smallest tree. The plants in this picture have galls.

We were also lucky enough to spot a ring ouzel carrying food for its young.

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