01 January 2016

A Loch Lomond bestiary

Last Sunday, the one day when it was not raining, I went to Loch Lomond to search for interesting pieces of driftwood. Among my Christmas presents I received some interesting paints for use on wood so I was looking for some suitable pieces to paint, but these ones will remain as they are.

This one looks like a little fox to me, but maybe I should leave it to your imagination to decide.

This is the first one I found and he was rather heavy. I think he is a water horse. I left him hidden under some rocks until I came back. By that time I was so laden with driftwood that I left two heavy pieces with him and made a separate journey afterwards to collect all three.

I think maybe this bird is trying out a pirouette. His dancing looks a bit wooden to me though.

A baby dragon perhaps?

This smooth seal came from a previous trip, but the smiling crocodile-like creature in the picture below from Sunday's visit was perhaps safer left where he was.

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Anonymous said...

My favourites are the water horse and the smooth seal!

Judith C

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