21 September 2011

Heather for Heather

I recently got back in touch with a friend's daughter called Heather, who was born in Scotland but has lived in the US all her life and never returned here since she was a baby. So here are some pictures of heather for Heather.

At this time of the year, many parts of Scotland turn pink with the flowering heather (Calluna vulgaris). I took this picture earlier in September when we were on the Isle of Eigg. That's the Sgurr in the background.

Calluna vulgaris, Heather, or Ling, is the commonest species.

In the picture below it is mixed with the darker flowers of another common species - Bell Heather (Erica cinerea).

A third species found very commonly, though perhaps not in quite such large quantities, is Cross-leaved Heath (Erica tetralix). The two flowers on the right in the picture below are Cross-leaved Heath, while the flower on the left is Bell Heather.

The ordinary Heather, or Ling, also comes in a great many colour variants. The two plants in the picture below are the same species.

Occasionally you can find "lucky" white heather.

All these photos were taken on the Isle of Eigg during this September.


Heather said...

Good morning from Texas! Mom and I are sitting here, drinking coffee, looking at all of your beautiful photos. She has loved them all, but went a little extra crazy over the ones from 1975. ;) These heather are gorgeous! We absolutely will have to make a trip over there to see the heather, mom for a return visit and me for the first time! =) Hope you are having a fabulous weekend...Heather

Fred and Sarah said...

Thank you, Heather. I'm glad you liked the pictures and I hope that you and your Mom will be able to visit soon! Sarah

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