12 June 2011

Eigg in late spring

At the end of May we returned to the Isle of Eigg for a week of rather mixed weather. After the recent storms, only one beach, that at Kildonnan, was good for finding shells.

The others were either covered in seaweed or tiny fragments of smashed shells.

We had some sunny weather, and this picture was taken at Kildonnan, a short distance from the beach in the picture above.

Near Kildonnan, we found this freshly emerged Poplar Hawkmoth.

We were staying quite close to the new pier.

Green Island is a favourite place of ours, though this beach no longer has good shells, due to the new pier.

In the grounds of the Lodge is a Chilean Fire Bush (Embothrium coccineum). This is a tall tree, and at this time of year it was flowering well.

While on Eigg, we were asked to survey Small White Orchids (Pseudorchis albida), which is one of the species listed in the BSBI Threatened Plants Project for 2011. We found these at two site, and they seemed to be well out on 31st May when we did most of our recording. We noticed that many flowering spikes appeared to be damaged, possibly by a late frost or salt spray from the recent gales. This plant, at Cleadale, was in perfect condition though.

I found this abnormal flower of Water Avens (Geum rivale) by the road near the pier. It appears to have a second flower growing from the centre. This had not opened by the time we left.

A visit to Howlain at the north end of the island on a rather damp day.

The first Northern Marsh Orchids (Dactylorhiza purpurella) were coming into flower, including this one which was growing in the lawn at the Lodge.

16th October 2011

In response to Linda's query (below), here is a picture of the wreck of the puffer Jennie as it was when I last saw it on 14th August 1994.

If you compare this picture with the third picture on a forum at OneGuyfromBarlick which was taken in 1988, you can see that there was some deterioration in the 6 years between the two pictures.

Fred thought there was almost nothing left by now, but there is a picture taken in 2010 which shows that there is at least something left.


Anonymous said...

Hello there.
Lovely photos.
Out of interest, did you happen to visit the old Clyde puffer "Jennie" on the north shore?
I wonder if she's still there. I was there as a child, maybe about 25-30 years ago.

Fred and Sarah said...

Thank you, Linda.
Although we have been to Eigg most years, we haven't visited the old puffer since 1994. I don't think there's much left of it now. I have posted a picture and some links above.

Linda said...

Thanks for that Sarah.
The link to OneGuyfromBarlick isn't working for some reason.
Anyway, from what I can remember, there was a lot more to Jennie when we visited. I also seem to remember her being away further out from the cliff. I'll need to ask my dad to look out some photos, and then try to scan them in.
I loved Eigg. Will definitely go back with my husband and daughters. Can you recommend a nice secluded self catering cottage with a view?

Fred and Sarah said...

The link is working fine for me.
Please contact us via our contact page at www.fredandsarah.plus.com/email.html
so we can suggest a suitable cottage on Eigg.

Anonymous said...

Frame of the bow of the Jennie still mostly intact in 2014 although a lot of plating gone since earlier photos.


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