16 March 2011

A day in the Campsies

It snowed hard for most of the day yesterday, but didn't settle here. Late in the afternoon, I could see that the Campsies had a fresh fall of snow, so today I suggested that we might try going there to see if there was enough snow to ski. It was a damp, foggy morning, we couldn't see the hills, and almost no snow was lying, so we weren't very optimistic. We decided to take the road that climbs high into the hills, and to our delight we soon came up out of the fog into bright sunshine.

On the north side of the Campsies, there was plenty of snow on the tops of the hills, so we were soon skiing in good conditions.


Meikle Bin

Lecket Hill

Near the top of Holehead, we looked down on a sea of fog below, but could also see far distant snow-covered hills above it.

We followed a forestry track for part of the way down the hill. The mist had now cleared.

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