04 August 2009

Eigg for a day

At the weekend we decided on the spur of the moment to pay a quick visit to the Isle of Eigg as we hadn't been there for some time.

This is Eigg seen from the mainland just south of Mallaig. At the left (south) end you can see the Sgurr.

On the way we stopped at Arisaig to look for shells. Recent storms seemed to have removed or shattered most of the shells, but just above the beach I found some Wild Carrot (Daucus carota ssp. carota) flowers. There has recently been some discussion in an email forum about this, and what reason there could be for its commonly having one purple central flower in each head.

Among the plants at Arisaig, rather less than half seemed to have this.

The fruiting heads are also rather strange, with the branches of the head curving in on themselves as the spiny fruits develop.

In Mallaig it was a sunny morning and I noticed that my shadow on the water had rays coming out from it. For more information about this effect, see
Color and light in nature by David K. Lynch and William Charles Livingston

Also in Mallaig harbour I met this rather friendly seal...

...and soon after leaving Mallaig on the boat for Eigg, I caught my first glimpse of a Basking Shark.

As one arrives at Eigg, the pitchstone ridge of the Sgurr, seen end-on, looks very dramatic.

We only had a few hours ashore so, while Fred went on a tour of the new electric system, I went to the beach to look for shells.

Unfortunately there was more seaweed than there were shells, but at least the weather stayed dry.

There are many more pictures of Eigg on our website.

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